Our website has moved!

Check out our new and improved website, madisonareagrowers.com .  We plan to blog a lot more about local food and some delicious ways to enjoy it throughout the year.  See you over there – and spread the word!

2018 CSA signups are open!


Spring salad

Signs of spring abound – daffodils, birdsong, a big river flood, and this annual post opening our CSA to subscribers!  As the world slowly greens up, our growers are greening up their gardens – the kale seedlings are already sprouted, the blackberry bushes are getting ready to bud, and the asparagus is secretly waking up below the soil. Nature is preparing another bounty for us this year, minutes from home!

Our CSA remains a small collaboration of farming families within about 20 miles of Madison.  Some have been farming the same fields for generations, for some the farm is a passion project, and others are young farmers just starting out.  We appreciate the way our super-local, multigrower CSA allows growers to learn from each other, try new foods, and share best practices to keep each farm – and our local land and water – healthy and thriving.  You can find a basic introduction to our growers on the “Growers and Practices” page.

If you’re interested in learning more about our CSA and learning if it’s the right fit for you, please spend some time exploring our site.  On the “About” page you’ll learn about CSAs in general and ours in particular, including pickup times and approximate produce lists.  

And if you’d like to sign up, please visit the “Sign up here!” page, fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch with you!  

Our tummies are ready for mid-May – we hope we see you then, when the eating is good!  And we hope we hear from you sooner!

2017 CSA signups are open!


The daffodils are in bloom, the worms are crawling, the bees are buzzing, and even though it’s still February, this taste of spring reminds us of what’s coming – a delicious season of crisp, fresh produce from our little corner of this river valley.  It’s time to open signups for the 2017 CSA season.

Our CSA is largely  a collaboration of three farming families within about 20 miles of Madison.  The Romans family farm near Vevay provides a variety of heirloom vegetables, benefitting from generations of experience farming these hills.  Sue Keyes near New Marion selects hybrids that grow particularly well in our region and provides the rest of the bulk of our variety. Mike Swango, also near New Marion, provides our unparalleled potatoes, sweet potatoes, strawberries, and some greens.  This year we will also provide blueberries from Rykers Ridge Blueberry Farm, a certified organic farm just over the hill from Madison.  Our oyster mushrooms come from the Dancing Mushroom Farm in Carroll County, KY.  All of our produce is grown without synthetic chemicals (with the exception of Sue’s corn, which uses conventional fertilizer.  And some years, we include peaches and apples from Salatin’s Orchard, which are conservatively sprayed). That’s everybody!

You can read more about CSAs in general and ours in particular by visiting the About tab.

This year’s 20-wk season will begin in mid-May, weather permitting.  When the growing is still good come October, there is usually an option to purchase an additional 3-6 weeks of produce at the end of the season to extend the harvest.

Visit the Sign Up Here tab to book your share of the bounty!  And if you have questions, feel free to get in touch.

Your support of local growers builds community, improves the quality of agriculture in our region, and provides reliable support to small farmers.  Thank you for your interest in our local growers and their delicious food!

2016 CSA signups are open!


The seedlings are popping up, the dirt smells like spring, and the sun is shining long – it’s time for the growing season to begin!  CSA signups are open for 2016, and whether you’re new to CSA or a longtime member, we hope we’ll see you this year!

If you’re a returning member, just send us a quick email to sign up.

If you’re joining for the first time, spend some time exploring the website and make sure CSA is right for you.  And then, once your mouth is watering and your tummy is rumbling, click the “sign up here” tab to sign up for 20 weeks of fresh, local produce!

Half shares (enough for one or two people) are $350

Full shares (enough for four people) are $550.

**Returning members take $20 off of these prices!**

We’ll see you when the asparagus pops up and the rhubarb is ripe!

Signups for the 2015 CSA Season are OPEN!

We thought this spring-like day was the perfect moment to open signups for the 2015 CSA season!  Not long ago it might have been hard to imagine that our spring greens are already growing and that some of the summer seeds are already in their germination flats, but spring is happening fast.  A season of delicious local food is on the way, and it will be here before you know it!

Prices are the same again this year.  If you’re wondering how our prices are set, our growers determine a fair price for their vegetables each year at our annual winter growers meeting.  They weigh the price they charge at market against the value of the consistent customer base our CSA provides, and they set a price that reflects that relationship.  There’s no haggling or negotiating, just a lot of mutual gratitude and respect.  Someday I’m sure we’ll have to raise prices to keep up with cost of living (because it’s important to us not just that we sell vegetables, but that we help our local farms run a sustainable business), but for now, we’re excited to offer subscriptions at the same old price thanks to our growers who love us!

2015 CSA Prices:

Half share – $350

Full share – $550

**Returning members from the 2013 or 2014 season take $20 off of the price if you send your payment/deposit by Wednesday, April 1!**  This discount still applies if you change the size of your share from last time.

Click the Sign Up Here tab above to reserve your share!  If you’d like the CSA newsletter to go to more than one member of your household, please include any additional emails we need.

As always, remember that the CSA payment is nonrefundable, since our growers will have already invested in the seeds and labor required to feed you for a season long before we see the produce.  If you move, take a long vacation, or for some reason need to stop picking up, you are welcome to sell the remainder of your share to a neighbor/friend or donate the remainder for a family in need. We’re happy to work with you on that, but please remember that signing up is a (wonderful, delicious, community-building) commitment!

We’re so looking forward to spring!  We’ll be in touch in the next couple months with exact start-end dates for the 20-week season, once we’ve seen what the early spring weather has in store for us.  See you soon!

Signups for 2014 are OPEN!

With spring winds blowing and temperatures rising, it’s almost time to start filling our bellies with delicious local produce again!  It has been a long winter, but spring started a long time ago for our growers.  Cold-season crops are planted, tomato seedlings are sitting in cold frames, and the ground is thawing and ready to be cultivated.  And we’re ready to eat!

To find out more about the CSA, poke around on this website.  The “About” page has lots of information about CSA in general, and the FAQs section there has all the details you need to make sure this CSA is the one for you.  When you’re ready to sign up, visit the “Sign Up Here!” tab to get started!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and we’ll be sure to get back to you.  Here’s to coming asparagus!!

2013 CSA season subscriptions are now available!

We and our bellies are happy to announce that signups have begun for the 2013 CSA season!

This season’s prices are:

Half share: $350

Full share: $550

Returning shareholders get a $20 discount if you respond by April 1 (even if you change your share size).

If you’re interested in signing up for the first time, please use the signup form here. Returning shareholders from last year can just send us a quick email indicating your interest and noting any changes in your contact information.

You’ll notice on the signup form that we are thinking about offering an egg share this year, and also (possibly) a small meat share.  We’re not sure yet of the price or amount, but if you think you might be interested in receiving eggs and/or meat at an additional cost, please indicate that on the form (or, returners, in your email). We’ll get back to you with details and availability once we see how many people are interested.

If you’re new to our CSA, please explore the About page before you take the plunge.  CSA is a big (wonderful) commitment, so you should know what you’re getting into before you commit!

Here’s to another season of fresh, tasty, local produce!