growers and practices

Our CSA is a collaboration of farming families within about 20 miles of Madison.

The Romans family farm near Vevay provides a variety of herbs and heirloom vegetables, benefitting from generations of experience farming these hills.

Sue Keyes near New Marion selects hybrids that grow particularly well in our region and provides the rest of the bulk of our variety.

Mike Swango, also near New Marion, provides our unparalleled potatoes, sweet potatoes, strawberries, and some greens.

Our blueberries come from Rykers Ridge Blueberry Farm, an all-natural berry farm just over the hill from Madison.

Our oyster mushrooms come from the Dancing Mushroom Farm in Carroll County, KY.

Long Family Acres in Deputy provides herbs, flowers (both edible and decorative), and vegetables.  They are a new grower for us in 2018!

All of our produce is grown without synthetic chemicals (with the exception of Sue’s corn, which uses conventional fertilizer.  And some years, we include peaches and apples from Salatin’s Orchard, which are sprayed.)  Some of our farmers are fully biodynamic (going above and beyond USDA organic standards to regenerate the soil each year), while others use organic products for a more conventional style of growing (spraying and fertilizing).  None of our growers are certified organic, which requires significant fees and careful paperwork submitted to the USDA – something our growers aren’t able to do given their small scale.  But all of them are committed to sustainable practices and petrochemical-free food.

The assured customer base of the CSA allows growers who have transitioned from fully conventional growing to experiment with organic practices with less financial risk.  Committed CSA membership helps our local farm fields lose the petrochemicals and move toward healthier land and water – which is better for all of us!

Let us know in the comments section below, or by email, if you have more specific questions about growing practices.  We’re happy to get in touch with our growers about any questions!

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