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6.17.10 Newsletter

Hey everybody,

Sorry this is late – we had some trouble reaching folks this week. Hopefully it’s still helpful to you as you plan this week’s menu!

Here’s the list (if I get something wrong, please forgive me – I am trying to read Nathan’s handwriting) :

green beans
green onions
hot peppers
assorted summer squash
snow peas
corn meal (locally ground, non-GMO)

Full shares will also get:

sugar snap peas
edible flowers

So can I pause here to talk about the weather? I think that if we are calling today’s weather a respite, then things are really pretty disgusting out there these days. Especially in our house with two little window air conditioners. But the thing that has helped me whine a little less is thinking about what the hot, muggy, sunny/rainy weather means for our CSA shares. Tomatoes and peppers in particular, which absolutely thrive in this hot sun and rain. This is their kind of weather, and it bodes well for our tummies. We are seriously going to be eating well come July. I suppose that’s worth a little bit of stickiness.

And finally, recipes! All of the recipes attached this week were submitted by members. They sound delicious. Keep the submissions coming!

In addition to the attached recipes, Lacey Castor sent us this link for a borscht recipe. She said that her husband loves it, and he normally hates beets!

And here is a word from Nick Ellis about grilling vegetables (I received this via the website – you should leave your comments on the website too!) :

“Ok, so when I’m not sure what to do with a vegetable,…. like any man, I grill it! 🙂 Seriously. Most everything can be drizzled in olive oil, salted and peppered, and grilled. The flame caramelizes/roasts the veggie and it tastes great and you can feel manly while doing it. It’s a win-win…….unless you’re a woman, then you may take issue with the “manly” part. 😉 I bought a grilling skillet/pan. Most stores that sell BBQ have them. It looks like a regular pan but with a bunch of holes so the flames can get in but the green beans, asparagus…pepper or tomatoes don’t get out. I try not to over cook them as I like a little crunch in my veggies.

Try it! You will like it!”

See you at 4 today! And remember to think about your future tomatoes when you are suffering this weekend! And if you do not suffer in this weather…well, let me know your secret.

6.10.10 newsletter

Greetings all,

For the pickup tomorrow you can start getting excited about:

Swiss Chard
Green Beans

And those with a full share will also receive:

An Herb Kit (parsley, dill, and oregano)
Additional lettuce
Additional Potatoes

Remember to send some seasonally appropriate recipes to me if there are any you have that are worth sharing with other members.

Newsletter 6.3.10

Hello all,

Sorry for the tardiness on this week’s newsletter and here’s the list of what you’re picking up today:

Your share this week contains:

Focaccia Bread

And the full share will also include:
Additional Strawberries
Romaine Lettuce
Swiss Chard

Hope everyone has been enjoying the bounty our growers have been able to provide so far this year.

I’ve attached a delicious recipe that can use a variety of vegetables. It calls for certain things but substitute with whichever vegetables sound good to you. Vegetarians and vegans can substitute the chicken with tempeh (it’s the only way I’ve ever had it, so someone else will have to let us know if it’s good with chicken too).

Also a recent tip I received for sautéing greens: add bread crumbs (or croutons or just tear up some toast) when you add the greens to the pan and a little lemon juice before serving. The results are scrumptious.